Bank One Ballpark

Welcome to the Bank One Ballpark Web Site. This web site is provided to give visitors an overview of the Ballpark facility and to show its wide variety of uses.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Bank One Ballpark is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks. For Diamondbacks ticket information; call 602-514-8400.

Maricopa County Stadium

Bank One Ballpark is owned by the Maricopa County Stadium District. For Stadium District information; call 602-462-6400

Select Artists

Select Artists Associates is the exclusive booking agent for Bank One Ballpark. For booking information; call 480-994-0471

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Tips on Tailgating

October 27, 2017 in Tips

Tailgating is a great American past time that you should take part in at least once. If you are looking to have the ultimate tailgate party than the time to plan is now. An interesting fact about feasting before a big fight dates back to the Civil War. In was in this era where the practice of eating and drinking before a battle got its start. Of course, a game is not exactly a battle but then again, it all depends on who you ask. Today’s modern tailgate parties are strategically planned and orchestrated with precision by the host who is the one putting on the party. According to an article, you want to put in as much planning before game day as you can in order to ensure that the party goes off without a hitch. The host may even want to cook a few things the day before so that everything can be put out and on the table at least one hour before the game starts. It is vital that you keep cold foods cold with coolers and your warm foods warm with Sterno cans (or some other form of heat). Some additional tips for tailgating include: emptying out your vehicle to make room, packing the night before, bringing ice, freezing some water bottles, being sure you have a bottle opener, bringing plastic plates and silverware, making sure you have the tickets, making a checklist, making sure you have the duct tape, bringing an extensive cord, bringing some balloons so everyone knows where you are, and bringing trash bags for clean-up.
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Tips for Sports Photographers

December 1, 2016 in Tips

Yesterday, I borrowed a Canon 1000D camera to photograph a basketball match. It was my first time squatting at the baseline so I learned a few things.

  • – The Referee Always Stands in Front of the Photographer
  • – Basketball Players Run at the Speed of Light
  • – Choose Life, or Choose to Snap a Picture
  • – It is a truth universally acknowledged that a photographer will need a better camera and better lenses to capture the really good photos.

I was happily snapping away when I saw through the lens that a ball was flying at full speed to punch the camera into my face.

Thankfully, a player made a sudden lunge and captured the ball at the last second so the photographer didn’t have to be disfigured. What would you have chosen?

Some of the players have such nice shoes that it tempts you to daydream about shoe-shopping. Don’t. Just don’t. Keep your lenses on the ball, the players, and the game.