Yesterday, I borrowed a Canon 1000D camera to photograph a basketball match. It was my first time squatting at the baseline so I learned a few things.

  • – The Referee Always Stands in Front of the Photographer
  • – Basketball Players Run at the Speed of Light
  • – Choose Life, or Choose to Snap a Picture
  • – It is a truth universally acknowledged that a photographer will need a better camera and better lenses to capture the really good photos.

I was happily snapping away when I saw through the lens that a ball was flying at full speed to punch the camera into my face.

Thankfully, a player made a sudden lunge and captured the ball at the last second so the photographer didn’t have to be disfigured. What would you have chosen?

Some of the players have such nice shoes that it tempts you to daydream about shoe-shopping. Don’t. Just don’t. Keep your lenses on the ball, the players, and the game.